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December 20, 2017

Climbing Conditioning: Ring Fly T-Y-I Workout

Ring Flys are an amazing way to help build your shoulders & core and this ’T-Y-I’ workout can be adjusted to suit almost any level of ability.

Before getting started, make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes by skipping, doing star jumps, push-ups or somelight bouldering. Adjust your stance to suit your level of strength. To make it easier, move your feet forward to create an incline so you are standing straighter. To make it harder, move your feet away from the rings creating a decline, with your face angled towards the ground and work towards finishing almost parallel with the floor in a push-up position.

Ring Fly T’s

Start by doing 2 sets of Fly T’s. Set and hold the rings so they are positioned at waist height, then rock forwards onto your toes and extend your arms out wide in an ‘iron-cross’ pose. Make sure you try to keep your elbows locked and arms straight to encourage good form. Once you reach a point you are comfortable with, hold for 1-2 seconds and then squeeze and push the rings back together, maintaining those straight arms and arriving back at your starting position. That’s one rep!

go slowly, using good form and aim for around 8-10 reps in a minute. Take a 2-minute break and then repeat the Ring Fly Ts again. Using the free interval timer in the link at the bottom of the page will help you keep track of things.

Ring Fly Y’s

Once you complete the second set of Ring Fly T’s take another 2-minute rest and move into Ring Fly Y’s. These are a very similar movement, but the position of your arms will be more forwards this time, so you are making the ‘Y’ shape at full extension. Aim for the same number of reps and sets for time.

Ring Fly I’s

Finally, move into the Ring Fly I’s. This time your arms both push directly out in front of you as you rock forwards. Make sure to keep both your arms and back straight, if you lose body tension you will place extra strain on your back, so make sure to go slowly and stay within a comfortable range of movement.

Climbing meta Wooden Rings

Ring flys

Rings are a fantastic training tool due to their portability, they are easy to use and offer an effective way to build strength and develop stabilising muscles in your upper body.

If you want to get your hands on a set of our super sturdy wooden rings, then head over to the Climbing meta shop to check them out. The rings are sanded perfectly smooth and come with 5m x 3.75cm straps and heavy-duty buckles rated to 250kg. We offer FREE shipping Australia wide and stock a range of other climbing products you might like as well!

Track Your Ring Flys Progress

If you are a keen climber and want to track your progress over time, make sure you sign up for the climbing meta web app.

Remember train hard and send your project!

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